Cherry Creek Vista Parks & Recreation District owns and maintains six tennis courts, a swimming pool, five parks, and four playgrounds. The District also maintains 2.6 miles of county rights-of-way along Havana Street, Orchard Road, and portions of Cherry Creek Drive. The District also maintains the adjacent brick privacy fence along those same rights-of-way.

Important Updates: 

Notice of Regular Board Meeting September 17, 2020

Please join use for a regular board meeting via virtual Zoom meeting. 

Meeting agenda and notice

Extended Executive Order

Please refer to Tri-County Health Department’s Mandatory Mask Order, which is an extension of the Statewide Mask Order. The Statewide order requires masks indoors whereas the Tri-County order requires wearing a mask or face covering both indoors and outdoors when a distance of six feet from individuals who are not members of their household cannot be maintained.

Prairie Vista Park

The goats will be back July 17-19 at Prairie Vista Park! Donny from Goat Green will be bringing the goats back to the park for their annual grass mow and fertilization. 


Attention Pool Members​: Thank you all for helping to keep our pool operations running smoothly this summer.

Pursuant to Governor Polis’ Executive Order D 2020 138 effective July 17, 2020, all individuals over ten years old must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when entering or moving within any Public Indoor Space.”

We have been informed that the Tri-County Health Department has issued an order that will go into effect by July 24th requiring Facial Coverings (masks) anytime 6 feet distance cannot be maintained​​ with few exceptions.

​M​asks must be worn when entering and exiting the pool building, including when using restroom facilities,​​ so we are in compliance with this newest executive order.  Please help us stay compliant with this mandatory health ordinance.

Our lifeguards and MPM will ensure that all people checking into the pool wear a facial covering ​for admittance​ ​into the facility.​​​

Thank you and we appreciate your help to keep us aligned with this Ordinance!

Work at the pond in the open space between Windemere Townhomes and Cottonwood Grove neighborhood along the Cottonwood Creek Corridoor will begin July 7. Mile High Flood District is working with Cottonwood Master HOA and Greenwood Village on this project adjacent to the District’s pathways. Thanks to everyone for their hard work on this project and thanks for your patience and cooperation. Project details are below:

  •  The only area to be closed off will be a portion around the pond inside the sidewalks and the entrance drive area just Northeast of the pond (trucks coming & going).
  • Hours of active work: 7:30am – 5:00pm
  • There will be a need to have a generator operating on the North side of the pond to keep the water pumps operating during the dredging. While this will be 24/7 during some periods, it will be a muffled generator and it will only be used when necessary. There is an electrical panel in the area and, if it can be used, the generator may not be required
  • The sediment removed will be temporarily placed between the sidewalk and the north side of the pond to dry out. This must be done as it will not be possible to transport it when fresh from the pond. There may be the possibility of some odor from this before the surface dries. The contractor is aware of the possibility and the operation will be done in such a way as to minimize it as much as possible
  • The dredging period, weather permitting, should be 2 or so weeks long. After that, the generator should not be required.
  • After the dredging is complete, the sediment pile will remain until it is dry enough to remove. This time period will depend on rainfall during the drying period. Estimate is 1 ½ to 2 weeks. When it is dry enough, the sediment pile will be removed by trucks.
  • After removal, mitigation of the area under the sediment pile and around the pond will be undertaken to restore the nature of the area affected by the project.
  • Effects on the wildlife, including birds, have been planned so as to be minimal. The bird nesting period for most is past and only a few are actually in the area affected by the project.
  • The bull rushes and other plants will be similarly protected to the extent possible. It is expected that they will return in the Fall or next Spring and gradually repopulate the area.
  • There is a secondary phase to this project: to stop the leakage of the Cottonwood Creek water under the retaining wall (into the trail underpass to the Cherry Creek State Park under Peoria Street). This is expected to take place later (in the Fall) and, for now, this is not expected to require closure of the underpass.

July 4: Pool use capacity maximum increases up to 150 and 4 advance reservations per membership per week!

CCVPRD and MPM’s priorities are safety, fairness and utilization of the facility to the members.  On June 29th the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has approved Arapahoe County’s variance request to increase outdoor pools limited to 50% capacity.  As a result, the following changes are effective starting July 4th.  

·         Pool capacity increased to 150 people

·         Weekly Advanced Reservations increased to four (4) per week

·         Unlimited Real Time Reservations

·         Discontinuing Walkup and No-show option

At the start of a scheduled time slot, available spots will be opened to all paid members. These “Real Time Reservations” do not count against your “Advanced Registration” weekly allotment of four (4) reservations per week.  For example, I would like to bring my family to the pool; however, I have already booked 4 time slots for future dates (current time is 1:01pm).  I log on to the Pool Reservation Calendar  and notice that there are 20 slots available today at 1:00pm-2:50pm.  I book the time and go to the pool.  The guard who checks me in has my information and I enjoy the pool until 2:50pm.  My family is having a great time and want to stay longer.  We gather our belongings and exit the facility at 2:50pm. At 3:00pm I login to the Pool reservation Calendar, confirm availability and book time for my family from 3:00pm-4:50pm.  We re-check in and continue to swim until the end of the new session time.

Advance Reservations (Priority 1)

This allows for a guaranteed spot at the pool by making a reservation at a future time.  Each household is allowed one (1) reservation time slot on any given day and each household is allowed no more than four (4) reservations in a week (Sunday-Saturday).

·         Continue to make reservations through the Pool Reservation Calendar 

·         Each household is allowed one (1) reservation time slots on any given day and each household is allowed no more than four (4) reservations in a week (Sunday-Saturday)

·         Book or modify reservations three (3) days in advance, up to one (1) hour in advance

·         New reservation slots open daily at 11pm MT; max 150 reservations per slot

·         Include only those from your family in the reservation that plan to come to the pool

·         A slot duration is 1 hour and 50 minutes.  At the conclusion of each slot, the pool and pool area are cleared for 10 minutes, all patrons must exit

·         Please be considerate of other members, select slots throughout the day/evening vs the same slot each day

·         Stay aware of weather forecasts and your scheduled reservation times. You may cancel up to one (1) hour in advance, but after the cancelation deadline, your reservation is considered final and the time reserved will count toward your four (4) allotted weekly reservations.

Real Time Reservations (Priority 2)

There are no limits to this reservation.  Any available spaces at the start of a time slot will open to registered members.

·         Real Time Reservations are not guaranteed and are online first come first serve basis

·         Book the Real Time Reservations through the  Pool Reservation Calendar 

·         Real Time Reservations slots do not count against your weekly household reservation allotment of four (4) per week.

·         Real Time Reservations slots are limited to paid members who have signed a waiver

·         A slot duration is 1 hour and 50 minutes.  At the conclusion of each slot, the pool and pool area are cleared for 10 minutes, all patrons must exit.

Cherry Creek Vista membership registration is open for the 2020 summer season!

The Cherry Creek Vista Parks and Recreation Board, Circuit Rider and MPM Recreation have been working with State and Local Government and the Health Department. Based on the information known at this time and abiding by current guidelines in place as directed by State and local health department officials, the CCV pool season will be quite different from previous seasons. The following plan outlines the availability and changes that are known and determined at this time.  As the guidelines are updated, we will inform you of any changes as the season progresses.
The 2020 pool rules have been modified to conform to the guidance.  Please review the rules before registering for the pool, as refunds will not be offered.  Registration for the 2020 Summer Season is open and available via: https://www.mpmrecreation.com/register2.html or by CLICKING HERE

Pool reservations are required this season.  Anyone who has registered is eligible to reserve a time slot. CLICK HERE to reserve.

Starting June 12th the swimming pool will open to CCV members only.  No guests will be permitted.  The following pool guidelines will be enforced as follows

  • The danger of exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 exists and use of the shared facilities are at your own risk.  Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, experiencing COVID-19/Flu Symptoms, a fever greater than 100.4 Degrees Fahrenheit and/or been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days is not allowed in the pool facility.
  • The pool will be open
    • Sunday through Fridays – 11:00am to 7:00pm
    • Saturdays – 11:00am to 9:00pm
  • The pool area will be limited to a maximum of 150 people in accordance with state guidelines around social distancing within the pool
  • Minors under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult
  • During regular Pool hours, the pool will be cleared every hour for a ten (10) minute period for a cleaning break.
  • Members are always encouraged to wear masks except when in the water. 
  • The pool deck will be marked to indicate social distancing areas.
  • Members not living in the same household should stay at least 6 feet apart even within the pool.
  • No guests allowed.
  • No pool parties, large group gatherings or group lessons will be allowed.
  • Pool furniture will remain in storage, except for a limited number of tables and umbrellas.  Members will be permitted to bring their own chairs if they can fit within a designated social distancing area on the pool deck.
  • There will be NO lost and found. It is ESPECIALLY important that all residents check for their items before leaving the pool. Any items left behind will be discarded daily.
  • Restrooms are reserved for emergencies and should be considered a high-risk area.  Please do not use the restrooms for changing.  MPM will clean the bathrooms each hour during the closed cleaning period. 
  • There will be NO water fountains available. Residents must bring their own beverages. As always, no glass is permitted, and Members must clean up after themselves.
  • A lap swim lane will always be provided for lap swimming and will be first come first serve.

The District has provided MPM with authority to enforce all guidelines and maintain safety.  There is a zero-tolerance policy for violation of these safety guidelines. Members who do not follow these rules will have their membership revoked.  
We look forward to seeing you this summer!
Cherry Creek Vista Parks and Recreation District


The tennis courts will be open for recreational play beginning May 18th. Our goal is to provide a safe and clean environment in conjunction with accommodating the public health orders issued by Tri-County Health Department and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and adhering to the USTA recommendations.

Please review the NEW TENNIS COURT RULES.


Elections Results for May 5, 2020.  Thank you to all who voted!!! 

Park and Facility Reopening Update re: COVID-19

Please note that all facilities at the district are open per the current restrictions set by current State orders.

We encourage people to follow these guideline and be safe when using tennis courts, playgrounds and other public spaces where transmission might. PLEASE NOTE THESE FACILITIES WILL NOT BE CLEANED AFTER EACH USE. If you do choose to use these spaces, please take in to account these best practices:

  • The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Avoid sharing cups and eating utensils with others.

To keep your family, community and self safe, the board appreciates adult supervision while your kids are out of school and venture outside for needed activity and play to limit issues like potential exposure, vandalism, and especially to keep everyone healthy in our small community and beyond.

Additional information on COVID-19 is available by calling CO-Help at 303-389-1687 or 877-462-2911 from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. (including weekends) or by emailing COHELP@RMPDC.org. Answers are available in English, Spanish, Mandarin and other languages. Additional information is available online from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Thank you for your continued support and adherence to these requests.

Yours in health and safety,

The Board and Management for Cherry Creek Vista Park and Recreation District

If there is an emergency, injury or conflict at the park please contact the local Sheriff’s Department or call 911.  












Sheriff’s Office
Administration Building
13101 E. Broncos Parkway
Centennial, CO 80112

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 303-795-4711 or 911 emergency.

If there is an issue with an animal at any park facility, please contact the Sheriff’s department or report: http://www.arapahoegov.com/938/Animal-Complaints


Thank you very much to all those who participated in the long-range strategic planning process in 2019!  Whether you attended meetings, gave feedback at planning sessions, or helped with the community survey, your input was incredibly valuable. 

The photos above are an example digital rendering for potential renovations to the pool facility.

Community Room Addition Overview
 Size: Approximately 950 sq ft                               
Dimensions: Approximately 23ft x 42ft                                 
Capacity: Approximately 60-130 people
*Design is conceptual. All trees and shrubs are for context only.  Existing site conditions will not be changed.**All sizes and capacities are conceptual in nature. Additional design and research is required to determine final layout.
Additional Notes:  Existing landscape to remain / expand. Shade structures to remain / expand. Connect current snack area to new community space. Allow community room to be accessed year round. Possible addition of 1 bathroom. Remodel interior locker rooms. Remodel snack area, life guard space, and entry. Potential for more efficient appliances, fixtures, and solar. Potential to repair concrete issues in pool deck and stairs. Potential to remodel building exterior.

Please check out the District’s long range capital improvements plan that the community referred to the Board after a year long strategic planning process that identified high priority capital improvements:

Community survey results – regarding deferred maintenance and repair projects within the district.

Estimated costs for these priority projects:


Vista II Park:

The Vista II Park dedication is TBD given the limitations on public gatherings.

Lakeview Park:

Thank you to all that attended the Lakeview Park dedication.  It was a great success.

Prairie Vista Park Goats:

Goat mowing was another success.  Thank you all for coming to see them and for your continued support.  We look forward to the goats visiting us again in the spring, check back here for more updates.

Cherry Creek Vista II Park (Sunrise Vista Park):
Construction is well completed for Vista II Park.  You can find Design Plans and an updated Timeline on the Vista II Park page.
Please check out the park overview here.
For questions, please email sees@ccrider.us.

Lakeview Park:

Lakeview Cell Tower Update:

The Board has confirmed that the modified design is an expansion under the current lease agreement with the cell tower lessee, Crown Castle. Two additional providers will be added within the current leased area, which will include a larger service building and a mono-pine tower that will be located to the West of the building space, to replace the current flag pole tower. In consideration for the change in design and re-location of the tower, Crown Castle will be installing additional trees and shrubs surrounding the building. Once the design is submitted to Arapahoe County for approval, the submittal will be available here. Arapahoe County zoning, planning and official notices will be a part of this approval process, outside the purview of the district and its board.

Please note, the District was obligated to adhere to the terms of the current, which included this lease expansion option. Verizon Wireless is planning to occupy one of the new tower locations, and will present its anticipated coverage maps at the district’s October board meeting, scheduled on Monday, October 21, at 6 pm at the community meeting room, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, 9300 E Belleview Road, Englewood, CO 80111.

Construction for Lakeview Park has been completed, save for a couple of signs still to be installed.  Just a reminder to let the district know if any of the new amenities appear to be damaged or defective during the 1-year warranty period on work. Thank you for your support and enjoy the park!  We are excited about the new improvements! 

You can find a copy of the Lakeview Park page to find more details on the project.

Peakview Park:

Verizon has decided to not pursue a cell tower at this park. Please view the letter from Verizon regarding future service improvement plans.

As you might be aware, a new fence has been constructed at Peakview Park. The District was not consulted on the construction of the fence. The District reached out to the City of Centennial and property owner, but due to the fact the fence falls on private property, the District’s perspective was not considered.



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